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PREPPre-Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV)
PREPProfessional Enhancement Program
PREPPowerPC Reference Platform
PREPPower Pc Reference Platform
PREPPreparedness for Response Exercise Program (USCG)
PREPPrisoner Re-Entry Program (various locations)
PREPPeer Review Evaluation Process (various organizations)
PREPPost-baccalaureate Research Education Program
PREPPediatrics Review and Education Program
PREPProcess Energetics Program (Center for Energy Studies; University of Texas)
PREPPotentially Reduced-Exposure Product (tobacco industry)
PREPProgrammable Electronics Performance
PREPPre-Freshman Enrichment Program
PREPProfessional Research Experience Program
PREPPreventive Relationship Enhancement Program
PREPPre-Discharge Education Program
PREPPolicy Resource Education Paper
PREPPreparation & Readiness Evaluation Period
PREPPrisoners' Reading Encouragement Project, Inc (New York, New York)
PREPProgressively Reaching Excellence in Professionalism (Texas A&M University)
PREPPeriodic Radar Evaluation Program
PREPProduction Risk Evaluation Program
PREPPreliminary Review and Evaluation Panel (US Department of Justice)
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As for the position of the discussed prepositions in the prepositional phrases, they are all attested in the preposition.
Croatian monolingual dictionaries, proved to be of little use in providing an inventory of prepositional antonyms since in many respects these are not coded systematically or at all (see Hudecek and Mihaljevic 2008 for a discussion on the lexicographic treatment of Croatian preposition antonyms).
Table 3: T-Test result for PP and PF prepositions (Pausing preceding and following in lexical preposition types)
As a sociologist, I have found prepositions useful to explain how sociology fits with the disciplines that comprise the field of bioethics.
Adjectives and wrong part of speech a good paid job adverbs plural adjectives call their teachers obsoletes comparative and the mortality rate superlative forms would be smallest Prepositions missing preposition to operate the patients wrong preposition when they arrived to the place unnecessary preposition they must attend to seminars to change Subordination and find someone is required a worker (someone who requires a worker) Expletive There is a wonderful place (it is) Word order general word order More healthy is to do exercise.
However, the number distinction is coded by the object suffixes only if there is no lexical object with the verb or preposition.
When verbs and prepositions get together, they demonstrate an especially strong syntactic covalence, enriching our vocabulary with colorful new compounded nouns and verbs like the examples listed below:
The preposition on implies the syntactic realisation of the external variable v making reference to the language used to communicate the message, that is, [in.
Or, to put it this way, if something that walks like a preposition and talks like a preposition appears at the end of a sentence and makes not only good sense but sounds quite appropriate, it is no longer a preposition.
Less severe cases of preposition abuse simply result in an occasional awkward phrasing.
That rule about not ending a sentence with a preposition is an old .