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PRESERVEProspective Randomized Enalapril Study Evaluating Regression of Ventricular Enlargement
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This claim, however, I desire to be allowed me only on condition that I preserve strict honesty towards my poor brethren, from whom, if ever I borrow any of that little of which they are possessed, I shall never fail to put their mark upon it, that it may be at all times ready to be restored to the right owner.
We crossed woods never crossed, I believe, by any before: the darkness of the night and the thickness of the shade spread a kind of horror round us; our gloomy journey was still more incommoded by the brambles and thorns, which tore our hands; amidst all these difficulties I applied myself to the Almighty, praying him to preserve us from those dangers which we endeavoured to avoid, and to deliver us from those to which our flight exposed us.
But you can open the little yellow crock of cherry preserves.
And then pressing her to take another piece of fruit cake and another helping of preserves.
She said we could have fruit cake and cherry preserves for tea.
She just carried that sauce and pudding out and brought in some strawberry preserves.
Let me give you a bit of fruit cake and some of the cherry preserves.
Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve, near Grayslake, IL;
Animal safety company Neogen Corporation (NasdaqGS:NEOG) disclosed on Monday that it has completed the acquisition of Preserve International and Tetradyne for an undisclosed value.
We are committed to creating innovative financing methods to build and preserve affordable apartments in New York City.
Ebola infected people along the Congo-Gabon border in 2001, and a rash of gorilla carcasses turned up in and around the preserve starting in mid-2002.