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PiCVpressure independent control valve
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Caption: FIGURE 4 Pressure independent control valve cost comparison.
Pressure independent control valves (PICVs) entered the market almost 20 years ago, and the author has seen more designs using these valves in recent years.
dual-valve type pressure independent control valves.
Pressure independent control valves offer improved controllability, ease of selection (no valve authority analysis), and reduced tuning and commissioning time.
Tenders are invited for Replacing approximately 151 heating control valves with pressure independent control valves (picv) on heating terminal units.
We will showcase specialised products for chilled water systems such as pressure independent control valves (PICV), pre-packaged fan coil valve units (we call it Connect4), commissioning centre terminal unit manifold systems etc.
We plan to cover many other hydronic topics: condensing boilers, valve-coil-heat transfer, pressure independent control valves, etc.