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PZRPolimeraz Zincir Reaksiyonu (Turkish: Polymerase Chain Reaction)
PZRProtein Zero-Related
PZRPlanning and Zoning Resource Corp. (Oklahoma City, OK)
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A pressurizer is a large vessel or tank inside the containment building
The incumbent carries out studies for the design, development and qualification of an extraction tool of the blocked pressurizer heating rods; This tool is compatible with all levels: 900 MW, 1300 MW and N4 (excluding FES1 and EPR).
the thermal sleeve of the pressurizer spray nozzle on nuclear facilities for electricity production (NPP) of EDF park in France .
Tenders are invited for Pressurizer Asembly Part No.
The outage activities, which were developed to ensure continued safe, reliable plant operations, included replacing three valves on the plant's Pressurizer, inspecting piping on the non-nuclear part of the plant and conducting routine electrical and instrument tests.
While the reactor is off-line, personnel will replace three valves on the plant's pressurizer, inspect piping on the non-nuclear part of the plant and conduct routine electrical and instrument tests.
The first project of its kind performed by AREVA in France, the decontamination of the primary loop elements - four steam generators, the pressurizer and the primary loop lines - is a major step forward in the ongoing decommissioning of the plant.
Additional proactive modifications to overlay the dissimilar metal welds on the pressurizer nozzles with a corrosion resistant alloy were completed during this outage.
With the installation of the reactor vessel and the introduction of the four steam generators and pressurizer into the reactor building at the end of 2012, the work on the Taishan 1 EPR reactor is progressing rapidly.
With its dome fitted, the reactor building will subsequently house the heavy components of the nuclear reactor (steam generators, reactor pressure vessel, pressurizer vessel, etc).
The US will also supply major components for the cooling water system, such as heat exchangers, pressurizers, and volume and chemical control systems.