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PZRPolimeraz Zincir Reaksiyonu (Turkish: Polymerase Chain Reaction)
PZRProtein Zero-Related
PZRPlanning and Zoning Resource Corp. (Oklahoma City, OK)
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Pressurizers are key components of PWR reactor coolant systems, and serve to maintain the pressure of reactor-related systems at constant levels.
This new contract strengthens AREVA's commercial breakthrough in the United States where the demand for pressurizer replacement is expected to increase.
The height of the reactor vessel is further minimized by using a set of nested plates to connect the pressurizer to the primary RCS flow path.
Heater, defroster, pressurizer, and two 12 volt outlets in cab
Framatome designs and supplies the nuclear steam supply systems, which include the pressure vessels, steam generators, pressurizer, and in-core instrumentation.
OPPD is in the process of upgrading the facility, including new steam generators, a new reactor vessel head and a new pressurizer to allow it to continue operating safely and efficiently until 2033.
Contract notice: Repair of headlines chauffautes canes pressurizer pwr plants french nuclear fleet.
Tenders are invited for New Water Pressurizer Unit To Part No.
During a thorough and routine inspection of Unit 3 on Sunday, workers identified a small indication of boron residue on a pressurizer heater sleeve inside the containment structure, which indicated a small leak.
Tenders are invited for Water Pressurizer Assembly Lhb New Design, Item Code -110035-Ii, Make- Aikon