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PRESTOPrecursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology (Japan)
PRESTOPreservation Technology for European Broadcast Archives (audiovisual media)
PRESTOPrediction of Radiological Effects Resulting from Shallow Trench Operation (US EPA)
PRESTOProgram Reporting and Evaluation System for Total Operation
PRESTOPeppy Rapid Efficient Service, Tops Overall (Oresto Grill, Charlotte, NC)
PRESTOProgrammable Etalon Spectrometer for Twilight Observations (astrophysics)
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Bosch Packaging Technology robotic portfolio sales director Marc de Vries said: "The new jam-prevention feature on our proven Presto platform is designed to improve the ease of machine operation and at the same time, increase the uptime and efficiency of this type of machine.
Aside from a Filipino song (Maalaala Mo Kaya) showing up early, a short chapter (all of four pages) in which an older Presto lived in Manila, teaching classical guitar at the University of Santo Tomas.
The company has participated in Gulf projects and, with the new subsidiary based in Dubai, it believes the field is clear for creating greater awareness of Presto Group products and bagging contracts in a region that has developed in leaps and bounds over the past two decades and is likely to maintain the momentum for the foreseeable future.
ESI Group said that Presto offers the next generation of capabilities for cooling simulation and design optimisation, a major concerns for the electronics industry.
And in the course of this expansion, Presto Wonders wants to spread a wave of success in the direction of those who are willing to learn and earn while holding up the standards of the company.
And in addition to offering customers Presto's own internal capabilities, he said, "Presto develops partnerships to insert additional capabilities that we don't do in Presto proper but that we know how to manage"--such as assembly.
To capture this, the creative team worked with Director Henry Frejas for its latest commercial which features different hugs that could be likened to Presto Creams.
The fast, 15 minute Presto Black process makes it ideal for any quantity of parts, from prototypes, short part runs to long runs including just in time finishing programs.
With Christmas and New Year around the corner, this year people can make their special occasions a lot more memorable by gifting personalised products from Presto like coffee mugs, stone plaques, crystal mementos and a lot many other options to print your own text and favourite picture on mugs or emboss them on crystals.
To help stimulate product trial and capitalize on seasonal opportunities, Presto also supplies pre-packed merchandise displays - available across all product categories.
The new Presto D2, based on Delta robotic technology from Bosch, is ideally suited for handling food products such as biscuits, cookies and bakery products, and non-food items such as medical goods.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-4 March 2010-JackBe launches Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.