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PRICEProtection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
PRICEParametric Review of Information for Costing and Evaluation
PRICEPinpoint, Record, Involve, Coach, Evaluate (from the book Personal Excellence)
PRICEProgram Review of Information for Costing & Evaluation
PRICEPredicting Responses for Inhaled Corticosteroid Efficacy (clinical trial)
PRICEProtect, Rest, Immobilize, Cold, Elevate (sprains and strains treatment)
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the young man asked; and since Miss Price replied only with a scornful shrug, he added: "But the point is, all schools are bad.
Miss Price, who is cultured, will remember the Latin of that.
There never was any danger,' said Miss Price, 'was there, Mr Nickleby?
That's right,' whispered Miss Price, 'say something kind to her, and she'll soon come round.
A placard near by announced that they had been reduced in price from two dollars and fifty cents to one dollar and ninety-eight cents; and a young girl who stood behind the counter asked her if she wished to examine their line of silk hosiery.
She wanted an excellent and stylish fit, she told the young fellow who served her, and she did not mind the difference of a dollar or two more in the price so long as she got what she desired.
The news of the dealing, however, had got about, and although derision was the chief sentiment amongst the brokers, the price steadily mounted.
exclaimed the woman to whom the thimble was offered for sale; this is so common an article as scarcely to command any price.
All our commerce was then destroyed, and no one would think of giving such a price.
Price could no longer afford to cherish pride or resentment, or to lose one connexion that might possibly assist her.
Price confirmed the assertion with an oath, and then laughed again, when of course the boy (who thought his companion one of the most dashing fellows alive) laughed also.
In was bargaining for some wheat of him, and a pretty price In offered too.