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The poison was alleged to have been wickedly and feloniously given by the prisoner to his wife Sara, on two occasions, in the form of arsenic, administered in tea, medicine, "or other article or articles of food or drink, to the prosecutor unknown." It was further declared that the prisoner's wife had died of the poison thus administered b y her husband, on one or other, or both, of the stated occasions; and that she was thus murdered by her husband.
The prisoner had been arrested in consequence of the discovery, in his room, by Detective Inspector Japp--a most brilliant officer--of the identical phial of strychnine which had been sold at the village chemist's to the supposed Mr.
A rather wistful smile passed across the face of the prisoner in the dock.
Doubtless the scrutiny the prisoner had just made of the cold, crafty, and imperious character stamped upon the features of the bishop of Vannes was little reassuring to one in his situation, for he added, "I am better."
"What do you call liberty, monsieur?" asked the prisoner, with the tone of a man who is preparing for a struggle.
Get me a prisoner's robe from your Official Wardrobe."
District Attorney,” said the Judge, “the prisoner is ready; we wait for the indictment.”
Two gaolers, who had been standing there, wont out, and the prisoner was brought in, and put to the bar.
"Am I taken prisoner or have I taken him prisoner?" each was thinking.
The prisoner glanced at the windows -- they were grated; he had changed his prison for another that was conveying him he knew not whither.
Who ever heard of a state prisoner escaping by a hickry-bark ladder?
"My lord," said Raoul, blushing, "might examine the Spanish prisoner."