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PROPublic Record Office (British Archives)
PROPatient Reported Outcome (clinical trial research)
PROPeer Review Organization
PROPerforming Rights Organization
PROPhilippine Ragnarok Online (gaming)
PROParks and Recreation Ontario (Canada)
PROAdjusted Production (baseball statistic)
PROPacket Re-Ordering
PROPhotographic Research Organization Inc.
PROProper Ram-air Orientation (parachute packing method)
PROPittsburgh Roleplaying Organization
PROPionniers de la Route Organisation (French: Pioneers of the Road Organization)
PROPlanning and Reporting Officer
PROPreplanned Response Option
PROPetrol Range Organics (environmental risk assessment)
PROProgressive Rate Optimal
PROPatient Resource Office
PROPersonnel Records On-Line
PROPotomac Region Outings (Sierra Club Virginia Chapter)
PROPoint de Raccordement Optique (France TELECOM)
PROPublication Requirement Officer
PROProject Residence Office (US Coast Guard)
PROPrepare, Read and Organize (reading process)
PROProtracted Refugee and Displaced Person Operations (until May 1998; see PRRO)
PROPrioritized Regional Objective
PROProgrammed Reduction Objective(s)
PROProhibition Party
PROPlant Representative Office
PROProblem Resolution Officer
PROPricing and Revenue Optimization (Manugistics Group, Inc.)
PROPublic Relations Officer
PROProline (Amino Acid)
PROProducer Responsibility Organisation
PROPrincipal Race Officer (sailboat racing)
PROProspect Research Online (Canada)
PROPrecision RISC (reduced instruction set computing) Organization
PROProfessional Review Organization (healthcare)
PROPatient Results Online (healthcare)
PROPolice Regional Office (Philippines)
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Marnoo told me with evident alarm in his countenance, that although admitted into the bay on a friendly footing with its inhabitants, he could not presume to meddle with their concerns, as such procedure, if persisted in, would at once absolve the Typees from the restraints of the 'taboo', although so long as he refrained from such conduct, it screened him effectually from the consequences of the enmity they bore his tribe.
His plan of procedure was different now--as though he had made up his mind that her negatives were, after all, only coyness and youth startled by the novelty of the proposal.
Even did he do pick-and- shovel work, for the municipality, for three days, when he had to give way, according to the impartial procedure, to another needy one whom three days' work would keep afloat a little longer.
I have always understood, however, that if you are in need of any special information such as we should in England apply to the police for, over here there is a quicker and more satisfactory method of procedure.
Gradgrind, I shall be happy, at your request, to observe his mode of procedure.
Nodding his approval of this decisive and manly course of procedure, the landlord retired to draw the beer, and presently returning with it, applied himself to warm the same in a small tin vessel shaped funnel-wise, for the convenience of sticking it far down in the fire and getting at the bright places.
If a repeat procedure might be required, payment for it should be confirmed in advance.
The procedure implements a new program designed to expeditiously resolve cases at the compliance level.
One way they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of audits is by expanding the use of analytical procedures in all phases of the audit.
GlobalData uses epidemiology based models to estimate and forecast the procedure volumes.
We describe our use of a simple procedure involving the insertion of Silastic splints to successfully treat a case of persistent epistaxis with benign nasal septal ulceration and excoriation.
The new SAS lists the procedures with expanded discussion, including the limitations of client's responses to inquiry as an audit procedure.
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