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The decision comes more than 3 years after the agency revoked a July 2008 decision to prohibit without exception all "extralabel" uses of cephalosporins in food-producing animals.
Eight chambers allow electronic devices on the floor, but prohibit the use of cell phones in committee meetings or the gallery.
For example, the police could prohibit opponents, or supporters, of the war in Iraq from demonstrating on the White House lawn or the steps of City Hall, as long as they are given the opportunity to demonstrate in a public location elsewhere.
This is unrealistic because the Establishment Clause prohibits government from.
The Stark (physician self-referral) Law prohibits physicians from referring designated health services (DHS) to entities in which they have a financial interest.
An enforcement proceeding is initiated by filing and serving on the respondent a notice of intent to prohibit.
These laws prohibit practitioners such as physicians from referring patients lot further medical services to another entity that is owned in whole or in part by the referring practitioner or that compensates the practitioner.
The sixth commandment, strictly understood, prohibits a man from sleeping with the wife of another man.
Almost a century after the founding, the 44th Congress in 1876 considered adding a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the states from having any "established religion.
1] Although the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention does not explicitly prohibit the use of biological weapons, it does so implicitly because any use presupposes prior production and stockpiling.