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There is no independent clause or sentence which prohibits the States from exercising it.
The trade was injured by their artifices to outbid and undermine each other; the Indians were debauched by the sale of spirituous liquors, which had been prohibited under the French rule.
The champions were therefore prohibited to thrust with the sword, and were confined to striking.
Rushworth's authority and protection, or I think you might with little difficulty pass round the edge of the gate, here, with my assistance; I think it might be done, if you really wished to be more at large, and could allow yourself to think it not prohibited."
The second day brought them into the cherished, or the prohibited, county of Somerset, for as such was it dwelt on by turns in Marianne's imagination; and in the forenoon of the third they drove up to Cleveland.
They choose a king, whom they call Lubo: every eighth year they carry their wives with them, and expose their children without any tenderness in the woods, it being prohibited, on pain of death, to take any care of those which are born in the camp.
After this the history goes on to say that the day fixed for the battle arrived, and that the duke, after having repeatedly instructed his lacquey Tosilos how to deal with Don Quixote so as to vanquish him without killing or wounding him, gave orders to have the heads removed from the lances, telling Don Quixote that Christian charity, on which he plumed himself, could not suffer the battle to be fought with so much risk and danger to life; and that he must be content with the offer of a battlefield on his territory (though that was against the decree of the holy Council, which prohibits all challenges of the sort) and not push such an arduous venture to its extreme limits.
All the nondisclosure clauses prohibited disclosure of the settlement terms and amount.
In an order issued last month, the FDA said that by April it will prohibit unapproved uses of cephalosporins in cattle, swine, chickens, and turkeys.
* Nine of those 38 also prohibit the use of other electronic devices, such as computers, cameras or recording devices.
That is, it had to show that the government had a compelling interest in preserving public welfare and that it had no alternative means of reaching that objective, before it could interfere with or prohibit religious exercise.