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PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory
PROMPromenade (Canada Post road designation)
PROMPremature Rupture of Membranes (medical, childbirth)
PROMPassive Range Of Motion
PROMPreterm Rupture of the Membranes
PROMPockels Readout Optical Modulator
PRomProto-Romance (linguistics)
PROMPlease Return on Monday
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To promenade, as usual, and large customer brought (fat man).
Within a minute from his entrance on the scene the poodles and the Irish terrier had vanished; the dog of doubtful breed was moving off up the hill, yelping, with the dispatch of one who remembers an important appointment, and Bill, miraculously calmed, was seated in the centre of the Promenade, licking honourable wounds.
He unlocked the door and resumed his promenade of the deck.
His mind moved sluggishly across the brief panorama of his hurried journey--the special train from Victoria to Folkestone; the destroyer which had brought him and a few other soldiers across the Channel, black with darkness, at a pace which made even the promenade deck impossible; the landing at Boulogne, a hive of industry notwithstanding the darkness; the clanking of waggons, the shrieking of locomotives, the jostling of crowds, the occasional flashing of an electric torch.
Then, without premeditation, we may express our disapproval of such a turn by getting up from our seats and leaving the theatre for a promenade and a breath of fresh air outside, coming back, when the turn is over, to enjoy the rest of the programme.
He has been secretary to a promenade concert company--deceived by a penniless manager.
Her Ladyship's promenade had lasted but a little while, when a man in black clothing presented himself noiselessly at the great door which opened on the staircase.
Escorted by this impressive youth, Fanny left her unfortunate friends to return to school, and went to walk, as she called a slow promenade down the most crowded streets.
nor since--permission for the boys to come up on the promenade deck.
But there was no sign of him on the promenade deck, and none below in the saloon; the smoking-room was empty but for a little German with a red moustache twisted into his eyes; nor was Raffles in his own cabin, whither I inquired my way in desperation, but where the sight of his own name on the baggage was certainly a further reassurance.
At the afternoon's promenade, Lord Mutanhed, and the Honourable Mr.
The musicians then supped, and the promenades in the gallery and the gardens commenced, beneath a spring sky, mild and flower-scented.