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It was in the silly season, and a prominent editor, a cousin of the temporary laboratory-assistant, appealed to the conscience of the nation.
In the discussion from day to day of the various features of this programme, the question came up as to the advisability of putting a member of the Negro race on for one of the opening addresses, since the Negroes had been asked to take such a prominent part in the Exposition.
In this procession were prominent coloured citizens in carriages, as well as several Negro military organizations.
She was a formidable style of lady with spectacles, a prominent nose, and a loud voice, who had the effect of wanting a great deal of room.
Among them, and prominent in some dispute, was the father of the little child.
Seeing Alexey Alexandrovitch with his Petersburg face and severely self-confident figure, in his round hat, with his rather prominent spine, he believed in him, and was aware of a disagreeable sensation, such as a man might feel tortured by thirst, who, on reaching a spring, should find a dog, a sheep, or a pig, who has drunk of it and muddied the water.
Mushahid Hussain Sayed and Asad Junejo and former prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf's brother Raja Imran Ashraf are prominent among those in the run.
Leader of the opposition in Senate and prominent constitutional expert Aitzaz Ehsan said that ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should disclose the hidden secret before the nation.
The Prominent Hill processing plant will continue to operate at its current capacity until mid-2023 by processing stockpile and underground ore, prior to running full time at a milling capacity of about 3.
Muscat : The first-ever Prominent Super Cup, organised by Prominent Lines LLC, will take place in Muscat, on Friday form 8am to 10pm, at Al Ghubrah Power & Desalination Plant.
For years, Prominent Placement was approached by small and startup businesses that were interested in search marketing, but didn't see the need to hire a full-service agency.
The drama stars a number of prominent actors from around the Arab World.