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PROMISEPartnership to Rescue Our Minors from Sexual Exploitation (Salvation Army; est. 2004)
PROMISEPre-Operational Modelling in the Seas of Europe (EU MAST III project)
PROMISEProducers of Interactive Media in Sweden (trade association)
PROMISEProvider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System
PROMISeProcessing and Management Information System (Pennsylvania)
PROMISEProtection Using Multiple Segments
PROMISEPredictor Models in Software Engineering Software
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That is an undertaking which I have not asked of you and a promise which I refuse to make you
That ring is a promise; and that promise has been accepted
She said if I didn't promise she'd die right there and I'd have killed her.
The lie it was drawing me by is perhaps Spring's oldest, commonest lie,--the lying promise of the Perfect Woman, the Quite Impossible She.
So the Scarecrow at last asked the green girl to take another message to Oz, saying if he did not let them in to see him at once they would call the Winged Monkeys to help them, and find out whether he kept his promises or not.
Boys always promise that when they want something," said Geppetto.
Nor needst thou count this wonderful, for things and chances fall to the lot of such knights in ways so unexampled and unexpected that I might easily give thee even more than I promise thee.
Nay, I must not only confess what you have hinted," said Nightingale; "but I am afraid even that very promise you mention I have given.
He refused to listen to me, as he had refused to listen to his mother; and he held me at the same time to my promise to keep his secret.
A man who has betrayed a woman under a promise of marriage is forced by that law (in the interests of public morality) to acknowledge her as his wife.
I've thought before of asking him to absolve me from my promise, but I've not had the courage to determine on it.
When I wrote sternly and coldly, as I confess I frequently did at the last, he blamed my harshness, and said it was enough to scare him from his home: when I tried mild persuasion, he was a little more gentle in his replies, and promised to return; but I had learnt, at last, to disregard his promises.