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PROPProperty (theater and movie studios; real estate)
PROPPhysicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (various locations)
PROPPolice Reform Organizing Project (New York)
PROPProgrammable Operating
PROPPersonal Roving Presence
PROPProfessional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
PROPPlans to Resources to Outcome Process
PROPPouvoir Rassemblement des Organisations Populaires (French: Popular Organizations Gathering Power, Haiti)
PROPPersonnel Research Online Papers
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"Vous etes la seule personne qui a le pouvoir de limiter la propagation de la pandemie du VIH/SIDA et vous pouvez transformer votre vie et celle des autres autour de vous.
Its Delta Greenhouse Complex covers approximately 2.2m square feet and is one of the most technologically advanced greenhouses in North America, with an experienced staff, full propagation services, advanced HVAC, lighting and water systems and its own 8.8mw powerplant.
Like Maryam Jameelah, Aisha Lemu's life was fully dedicated to Islamic propagation and the grooming of younger women propagators of Islam.
The outcomes of our research reveals that, this study will enhance our understandings about wave propagation through subsurface media and will also assist in detecting and discriminating subsurface materials.
Propagation of electromagnetic (EM) waves from radar or communication devices can be significantly impacted by atmospheric refractive conditions associated with the vertical thermodynamic structure of the atmospheric boundary layer (e.g., Tatarski 1961; Turton et al.
The interaction of wave propagation with coastal topography and the profile of bathymetry of Lhoknga (Figure 2) has unique wave dynamic compared to other coastal areas in Aceh.
Our previous papers have described daily congestion propagation and modeled the evolution of congestion clusters in airports [27] and at the intersection of sectors [28] using some classic epidemic models [29-31], based on the similarity between congestion propagation and disease transmission.
Figure 1 presents voltage-controllable guided propagation in a nematic liquid crystals coupler.
Song and Kim [4] analyzed the mechanical properties of crack initiation, propagation, and bifurcation in the explosion process of rock fracture by numerical simulation.
In terms of the problem of propagation in the troposphere under large-scene, long-distance, and low-elevation angle conditions, SSFT has many advantages over FDM and FEM, such as good in stability, small in error, and high in efficiency.
The unique advantages of simulating crack propagation in homogenous material such as rock and concrete materials have been demonstrated [12].
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