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PPXProtein Phosphatase X (now Protein Phosphatase 4)
PPXPopSci Predictions Exchange (Popular Science feature)
PPXParallel Port Multiplexor
PPXParallel Packet Express (control/data flow)
PPXPoint to Point Switching
PPXPersonne Particulièrement Extraordinaire (French: Especially Extraordinary Person)
PPXPosture Planning Express
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Antibiotic prophylaxis for transrectal biopsy of the prostate (TRBP)
Key clinical point: Dutch data show an increase in the incidence of invasive neonatal group B streptococcus infection despite intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis.
In 2013, the Southern African Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis[11] reviewed and revised guidelines for VTE prophylaxis in the South African (SA) setting.
6) The document went on to state, "Patients with joint replacements who are having invasive procedures or who have other infections are at increased risk of hematogenous seeding of their prosthesis," (6) and "Given the potential adverse outcomes and cost of treating infected joint replacements, the AAOS recommends that clinicians consider antibiotic prophylaxis for joint replacement patients with one or more risk factors prior to any invasive procedure that may cause bacteremia.
Daily use of nevirapine prophylaxis in HIV-EU infants for PMTCT from birth until 1 year of age, or until the stopping of breastfeeding (whichever comes first), is recommended.
The two agents that are best supported in the literature for chronic low-dose prophylaxis are nitrofurantoin and methenamine hippurate.
In the extended prophylaxis phase, the bleeding risk was generally manageable with a major bleeding rate of 0.
4) Antimicrobial prophylaxis was proven to be effective for prevention of experimental IE in animals.
With VTE prophylaxis underutilised among Gulf countries, there is a strong need to develop a formal active strategy that addresses the prevention of VTE here, done in partnership with the various health authorities.
The assumption of all-or-nothing immunity due to prophylaxis has also been made in other modeling studies (26).
Currently, the company has an ongoing development program to expand the licensed label indications for BioThrax to include post-exposure prophylaxis when used in conjunction with antibiotics.
The infants in this report were born at home, did not receive vitamin K prophylaxis and developed intracranial hemorrhage at five weeks of age.