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PPXProtein Phosphatase X (now Protein Phosphatase 4)
PPXPopSci Predictions Exchange (Popular Science feature)
PPXParallel Port Multiplexor
PPXParallel Packet Express (control/data flow)
PPXPoint to Point Switching
PPXPersonne Particulièrement Extraordinaire (French: Especially Extraordinary Person)
PPXPosture Planning Express
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The parameters collected comprised: demographics, mode of admission (elective versus emergency), contraindications to VTE prophylaxis, and actual prescription and provision of mechanical and pharmacological prophylaxis.
4) Antimicrobial prophylaxis was proven to be effective for prevention of experimental IE in animals.
After 17 weeks of treatment, Hemlibra prophylaxis was found to have a clinically meaningful control of bleeding.
Postexposure Prophylaxis of Household and Institutional Hepatitis A Case Contacts
These three studies, along with the study started currently, will complete the efficacy package Acacia Pharma aims to submit to the US FDA as part of its Baremsis New Drug Application in the second half of 2016, looking to gain approval for the treatment and prophylaxis of PONV alone and in combination, a novel and unique label if approved.
Key clinical point: Fewer than half of adolescents who present at emergency departments after a sexual assault are tested for infections or receive prophylaxis.
Although the principles of antimicrobial prophylaxis in surgery are clearly established and several guidelines have been published, the implementation of these guidelines has been impaired by multiple factors.
It was then recognized that high concentration of appropriate antibiotics in tissues at the time of wound incision was the most effective way of prevention of infection1 and this type of antibiotic use is termed as prophylaxis.
Hence the prophylaxis should be commenced either 2 hours before or within 10 hours following surgery in high risk individuals.
Despite evidence of the benefits of VTE prophylaxis, studies of clinical practices worldwide suggest that VTE prophylaxis is underutilised, and implementation of guidelines formulated by the ACCP is inconsistent and inadequate.