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She wore a hat of singular gracefulness, and abundantly laden with flowers, such as never grew in the rude soil of New England, but which, with all their fanciful luxuriance, had a natural truth that it seemed impossible for the most fertile imagination to have attained without copying from real prototypes.
Having heard us to an end, the Count proceeded to relate a few anecdotes, which rendered it evident that prototypes of Gall and Spurzheim had flourished and faded in Egypt so long ago as to have been nearly forgotten, and that the manoeuvres of Mesmer were really very contemptible tricks when put in collation with the positive miracles of the Theban savans, who created lice and a great many other similar things.
To even the little manliness his classical prototypes possessed, though, he can lay no claim whatever, being a listless effeminate noodle, on the shady side of forty.
At the sight of the body within the cage with the lion, the women and children of the village set up a most frightful lamentation, working themselves into a joyous hysteria which far transcended the happy misery derived by their more civilized prototypes who make a business of dividing their time between the movies and the neighborhood funerals of friends and strangers--especially strangers.
It was a strength we are wont to associate with things primitive, with wild animals, and the creatures we imagine our tree-dwelling prototypes to have been--a strength savage, ferocious, alive in itself, the essence of life in that it is the potency of motion, the elemental stuff itself out of which the many forms of life have been moulded; in short, that which writhes in the body of a snake when the head is cut off, and the snake, as a snake, is dead, or which lingers in the shapeless lump of turtle-meat and recoils and quivers from the prod of a finger.
The problem is just as acute if we say that images differ from their prototypes as if we say that they resemble them; it is the very possibility of comparison that is hard to understand.
When a remembered event has a remembered context, this may occur in two ways, either (a) by successive images in the same order as their prototypes, or (b) by remembering a whole process simultaneously, in the same way in which a present process may be apprehended, through akoluthic sensations which, by fading, acquire the mark of just-pastness in an increasing degree as they fade, and are thus placed in a series while all sensibly present.
Designs and manufactures injection, compression and blow molds for automotive prototype and production tooling including part-design support.
The same sand composition that will be used when and if a prototype needs to be manufactured in bulk is used to create the sand blocks that are machined into cores and molds.
The prototype tags function just as the current RFID tags but with one added benefit--it phones home from any position around the world," said Mark Lieberman, Defense Distribution Center Supply Management specialist.
Although computational fluid dynamics (CED) is having the effect of reducing the number of prototypes that must be built of things like air intake manifolds, as Jorg Gerken, managing director of rpm rapid product modellbau GmbH (Helmstedt, Germany), notes "Despite the fact that these programs are of great value, they still cannot represent reality to 100%.
The first version, simply called Prototype, was produced for a Ryman retrospective exhibition in Munich at the Haus der Kunst in December 2000; Prototype II was essentially a reinstallation of the Munich panels at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, with some modifications, when the show traveled there in 2001.