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PROXPreferential Oxidation
PROXProximo (Mense) next (Month)
PROXPreferential Oxidizer
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Proximo takes extra care with this product line, distilling British winter wheat four times before it is bottled.
En Lo proximo y lo distante: Japon y la modernidad-mundo, el sociologo y antropologo brasileno Renato Ortiz escoge Japon como el objeto a traves del cual analizar los procesos de globalizacion, o lo que el llama "la mundializacion" de la cultura.
Indudablemente, El proximo Oriente es una pelicula que desafia en parte la islamofobia prevalente en Espana, (5) ya que promueve la belleza y riqueza de la cultura islamica.
Ocorre, assim, a selecao do proximo falante (Julia) a partir do falante atual (Livia).
2003) verificaram um tempo de acidificacao de 25,8 dias ate pH proximo de 1,0, para a biolixiviacao em concentracoes de solidos do lodo de curtume de 60 g [L.
Historically, root beer was developed as an alcoholic beverage, so we thought it would be interesting to bring it back to its roots," says Elwyn Gladstone, head of marketing for Proximo.
Sold as a slave to the profiteering Proximo (Oliver Reed, in his last role), Maximus is forced to kill or be killed while fighting to save not just himself but the future of the empire he both loves and loathes.
The rebuilding of the Oratory Church, Edgbaston, as a memorial to the Late Cardinal Newman, is sufficiently advanced to allow the nave to be used for public worship, and a special service has been arranged to celebrate its opening on the 9th proximo.
The British actor died during the filming of Gladiator and has been tipped in some quarters to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Proximo.
But he delivered a virtuoso performance as Gladiator trainer Proximo alongside Russell Crowe.