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PUFFERPop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot (US NASA)
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But he's certain the puffer fish was responsible as the moment he felt better, he visited the friend he had shared his meal with, who reported similar symptoms.
Using unique Smart TalkO wireless technology, each of the new character engines - including Emery, Dunbar and Old Puffer Pete - recognise, greet and interact with other engines and destinations.
The 1994 remake - with Gregor Fisher and Rikki Fulton - did not feature the real Vital Spark but another puffer, Auld Reekie.
Puffer said that feeling has been haunting the Wachusett players ever since.
"They carried coal for the distilleries and industry, limestone for infrastructure, whisky barrels - empty whisky barrels in, full whisky barrels out of the distilleries - and if you moved house or did a flitting it would be done in a puffer.
Terana said the puffer fish was caught Florencio last Monday night.
Terana said the victims felt dizzy and pain in the head and stomach after eating puffer fish for breakfast.
"We are proud to serve the families of the Henry Puffer community through the McTeacher's Night event.
Three of the six persons who suffered poisoning after consuming puffer fish have been discharged from hospital.
Muscat: Six persons are in critical condition after consuming poisonous puffer fish, the Ministry of Health has announced.
The world's last privately owned working puffer ship has been put up for sale for PS95,000.
Fisherman dies after eating puffer fish !-- -- Raymund Catindig (The Philippine Star) - December 10, 2018 - 12:00am TUGUEGARAO, Philippines A fisherman died while his son was hospitalized after they ate puffer fish, locally known as butete, in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte on Saturday.