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PUFFINPedestrian User Friendly Intelligent (UK pedestrian crossing)
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Mr Fray lives in Quendale near to Spiggie Loch - some four to five miles away from the Sumburgh Head puffin colony at the southern tip of the Shetland mainland.
"The puffin flies like a fighter jet, setting its beak at the front of a streamlined body with powerful wings, enabling it to head out from its cliff-top base to plunge up to 60 metres into the sea."
Once you've exhausted the three packs, the rest of Puffin's website is well worth exploring.
The puffins occupy vacated rabbit or Manx Shearwater burrows.
Summary: Washington D.C [U.S.A], June 2 (ANI): Birds like puffins are dying in alarming numbers owing to climate change, suggests researchers.
Visitors to the Scottish Seabird Centre's 5-star Discovery Centre can control the interactive island cameras to zoom in on the live puffin action.
This theory will be tested by the Puffarazzi project, with puffin colony visitors asked to photograph the plucky seabirds with fish in their bills.
Rangers are now doing an annual puffin count on the island
PICTURES: SIMON GREENER CONSERVATIONISTS have ramped up efforts to monitor the Farne Islands' famous puffins amid fears the birds could be gone from Northumberland in as little as 30 years.
Thus, web pages load on CloudMosa's servers in a split-second via cloud-rendering and are then quickly displayed via the Puffin client.
He said: "Having spent years photographing otters around Shetland, I had never seen an otter taking a puffin before.