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PUGSPropellant Utilization and Gaging System (US NASA)
PUGSPunctuation, Usage, Grammar and Spelling
PUGSPedoman Umum Gizi Seimbang (Indonesian: General Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition)
PUGSPC (Personal Computer) Users Group of Salt Spring (Canada)
PUGSPalm User Group Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)
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News thata Pug cafe was coming to Liverpoolsent the majority of dog owners into a frenzy, with everyone loving the idea.
All pugs must be sociable, up to date with vaccinations, well behaved and unlikely to show aggression to other dogs around food.
Touring venues around the country, the pug cafe serves up treats for our four-legged friends, including pupcakies, dognuts, wuffins and a complimentary puguccino for every pug in attendance.
I have seen a lot of people walking around the Valleys with pugs so I think there is real scope here.
Valeen got Unna from her sister Denise's officemate when the pug was already a year old.
A lot of the pugs dressed up - some in party gear and there were some Pikachus as well.
This condition commonly occurs in brachycephalic breeds like Shih tzu, Pekingese, Pug etc.
It got me thinking, and I looked online and there were so many single people who loved pugs and were looking for dates.
They came up with the idea of pugs, which are popular, with snow at Christmas.
Pugs, rabbits and guinea pigs all made an appearance - and there was even an armadillo called Rory.
While pugs were definitely the most popular animal of the day, Socks the goat also had a blessing.
People also send us cards with pictures of pugs on them.