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PUKEPrevention, Understanding, Knowledge and Education (youth service; UK)
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But in Puke Force, the fluid panel arrangement also echoes the circuitous, overlapping mode of storytelling, where, as with the surveillance system, an action can simultaneously refer to itself.
So now they've got "Vomiting Larry," who pukes exactly when, where and at any angle you like.
Workers have filed class action lawsuits against several contractors, listing Puke Homes as a co-defendant, for nonpayment of overtime.
Puke Mexico, the country's seventh-largest builder, closed 7,200 homes in 17 markets in 2005.
The book Owl Puke comes with a real owl pellet made of the bones, fur, teeth, and other undigestible bits of an owl's meals.
Vince hates the whole idea of a life of crime with his "uncles"--Uncle NoNose, Uncle Puke, Uncle Shank.
We had people puke in the previews, and it's good to see that it is carrying over to the general audience," Johnny Knoxville reportedly said.
When asked before his final round how he would feel if he was leading going down the stretch, he replied: "I'll just puke.
Otherwise, these folks are apt to be stricken with "False Hope Syndrome," a condition which leads people to act as if they have a chance of surviving when any responsible person would just lie down, take his chemotherapy, pull out his hair, puke up his innards, and fade off into the statistically bleak horizon.
Because of his penchant for revolting scenes in this and other early works, he was sometimes known as the Prince of Puke.