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PUPAParc Universal Packet Address Translation
PUPAPick Up and Put Away (chores)
PUPAPeking University Philadelphia Alumni (Pennsylvania)
PUPAPublished Unexamined Patent Application (Japan)
PUPAParity Update with Power Awareness
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En relacion a la proteina digestible en pepsina 0,2% para la pupa del gusano de seda se obtuvo 51,10% y para la digestibilidad de la proteina en pepsina 0,2% un 79,46% siendo estos resultados mayores en ambos casos en comparacion con la larva (Tabla 1).
Say goodbye to false eyelashes, get your PUPA Vamp Mascara," Joanne Galzote of Al Hawaj told GulfWeekly.
La identificacion de larvas y pupas de mosquito se realizo en el Centro Regional de Control de Vectores de Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico.
To calculate this parameter we used the following formulae: number of pupae reaching adult stage (open pupae) x 100 / total of pupa (open and close pupae)
A known quantity of silkworm pupa oil and diesel is measured and poured into the mixing jar and circulated several times using the pump.
El contenido de cada recipiente fue colocado en una bandeja blanca, se cuantificaron las larvas y pupas de A.
5 A week later, the pupa has become much more colorful.
THE STORY OF MIKE'S MIDGE PUPA began during a visit to a well-known Pennsylvania springs creek.
parvum oocysts were also numerous on maggot and pupa surfaces; approximately 150 and 320 oocysts were recovered per maggot and pupa, respectively.
Joe is the hungry insect that tries to dine on a squash beetle pupa.
Pupa (Insonme Editores, 1998) es su primer libro de creacion y afortunadamente no se le nota su periodismo --sin que esto suene peyorativo-- que con dignidad sabe guardar la distancia entre uno y otro genero.
In other words, the time it took for an adult moth to eclose after being removed from the cold as a pupa was primarily a function of when it broke diapause and became developmentally competent, rather than how fast it underwent morphogenesis.