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Even worse, some portfolios have accelerated runoffs to where values are impaired (i.e., purchased mortgage servicing rights are greater than present value cash flows).
This is known as purchased mortgage servicing rights (PMSR).
Purchased mortgage servicing rights, or PMSR in the alphabet soup of the feds, has traditionally been considered an intangible asset by the regulators, who gave it little weight in risk-based capital computations.
In late 1992, the Federal Reserve approved a uniform rule relating to purchased mortgage servicing rights (PMSRs) and their capital treatment.
Originally conceived as a means of defusing legal battles over write-offs for goodwill, the key element of the bill would require that purchased mortgage servicing rights be amortized over 14 years using the straight-line method.
The demand for purchases by traditional sources, however, will be negatively affected by the capital treatment of purchased mortgage servicing rights (PMSR) for banks and thrifts.
Murray: It's the same issue as with [Ways and Means Committee Chairman] Rostenkowski's longer amortization provision for purchased mortgage servicing rights. I think people are trying to be as optimistic about it as possible and not factor [these proposals into their bidding activity.] But if either one should become law as proposed, there would be a downward impact on values.
MB: Actions by federal regulators of banks and thrifts to limit the amount of purchased mortgage servicing rights that can be counted towards core capital has had a definite impact on the servicing market.
The good news involves the regulators' capital treatment of purchased mortgage servicing rights (PMSR).
The FDIC rule permitting 50 percent of purchased mortgage servicing rights to apply toward meeting the core-capital requirement of affected institutions is another blessing for wholesalers.
The thrust of our argument with these regulators was that purchased mortgage servicing rights was not like just any old intangible asset--it was special because it was an "identifiable" intangible, not an unidentifiable intangible like goodwill.
However, the authorizing FIRREA language does state that the "fair market value of purchased mortgage servicing rights shall be determined not less often than quarterly."