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PUFIPurple Finch
PUFIPacked Under Federal Inspection
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My first viewing seemed to go on a bit long--the fastest movements were of a red squirrel and some purple finches and blue jays at a feeder--but now, after multiple viewings, it is all of a piece.
A total of 158 finches were sampled and included redpolls, pine siskins, and purple finches (Carpodacus purpureus).
Tangles of grape vines, for example, provide nesting areas and protective cover as well as bark for nesting material used by cardinals and purple finches.
Crab apple Robins, purple finches, cedar waxwings and many others are drawn to the fruit, buds and seeds.
A recent report says that these states could lose their state birds: Maryland Baltimore oriole California California quail Georgia brown thrasher Iowa American goldfinch Massachusetts black-capped chickadee New Hampshire purple finches Washington American goldfinch
BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER and niger thistle seeds bring in seed-eaters such as evening grosbeaks, goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins, purple finches, scrub jays, and Steller's jays.
Purple finches love sycamores for their seeds, and so do squirrels and foxes.