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We all felt a glad sense of relief when we saw the Professor calmly restoring the strings of putty to the edges of the door.
no, putty," said Veslovsky, raising a general laugh.
It may have been that he was too bright a genius to live long, or it may have been that he took some pernicious substance into his bill, and thence into his maw--which is not improbable, seeing that he new-pointed the greater part of the garden-wall by digging out the mortar, broke countless squares of glass by scraping away the putty all round the frames, and tore up and swallowed, in splinters, the greater part of a wooden staircase of six steps and a landing--but after some three years he too was taken ill, and died before the kitchen fire.
These ready-to-use color sticks are made of putty in a wide variety of wood-tone colors.
BioReady DBM Putty and Putty with Chips are 100% allograft, and each donor lot is tested for osteoinducitve potential.
The daily use of magic putty helped them to develop new skills in imaginative play.
The putty would be used in these cases to allow the patient complete mobility while bone, blood vessels and nerves are regenerated.
If your putty is very oily, wrap it in newspaper to soak up the oil.
was the only company chosen to work on the fracture putty.
Dave Edwards, steward at Souter Lighthouse said: "I was really pleased with how smoothly we'd done the work and was annoyed to see the next morning that half the putty had been pecked out.
Linseed oil putty can be messy to work with so wet your hands to prevent sticking, and if necessary roll the putty on newspaper or card to remove some of the oil.
5 Use a putty knife to form a 45-degree angle - wet the knife if needed to prevent it from dragging.