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Purified MWNTs of 100 mg and 400 mg pyrogallol were added to 200-ml ethanol.
A 1995 report showed that superoxide generated by autoxidation of pyrogallol was quenched by nicotinic acid only at supraphysiologic concentrations.
Marklund, Involvement of the superoxide anion radical in the autoxidation of pyrogallol and a convenient assay for superoxide dismutase, Eur J Biochem, 47(3):469-74 (1974).
Pyrogallol[4]arenes are obtained by the acid-catalyzed condensation of a pyrogallol and an aldehyde (Hoegberg 1980).
Oligomera produced on the basis of individual substances of pyrocatechin, hydrochinone and pyrogallol had low plasticizing ability.
Among the polyhydric phenols (polyphenolic compounds) were detected catechol, resorcinol, hydrochinone and pyrogallol and their derivatives (Stottmeister 2008).
The total SOD activity was determined using the method of Marklund and Marklund (1974) based on the auto-oxidation of pyrogallol at 325 nm, as modified by Jing and Zhao (1995).
According to the Galstyan procedure, soil was extracted by toluene and the filtrate was incubated with pyrogallol and [H.
The strongest p53 activity was found in two chemicals: pyrogallol and gallic acid.
1) catechol group; 2) pyrogallol group; 3) 2,3-double bond conjugated with 4-oxo and 3-OH groups; and 4) some other resonance- effective substituents.