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Pantothenate was stated to have no quenching effect on superoxide generated by pyrogallol autoxidation until a supraphysiologic concentration of 3.
Involvement of superoxide anion radical in the auto-oxidation of pyrogallol and a convenient assay for superoxide dismutase.
A ratio of 1:1 hexane: DEE extracted pyrogallol, acetosyringone and most of the syringaldehyde.
The structural model used in the Monte Carlo structure solution comprised a complete HMTA molecule and a pyrogallol molecule excluding the hydrogen atoms on the three hydroxyl groups.
The total protein content of each beer before and after filtration was measured using the Pyrogallol Red Molybdate (PRM) method of assay.
Pyrogallol, an analog of propyl-gallate, has been used for an adsorptive stripping measurement of germanium (IV) (8).
Recent Japanese patents also describe copper-based wood preservatives that use phenolic compounds such as pyrogallol and lignin derivatives to increase the fixation of copper-amine in wood.
Pyrogallol was identified in green leaves (Chernetsova et al.
5 mL of Tris EDTA HCl buffer (50 mM Tris, 1 mM EDTA, 6 N HCl) with 50 [micro]L of pyrogallol (5 mM) was incubated at 25[degrees]C for 30 min.
Zingiberaceae) rescues C12 cell death caused by pyrogallol or hypoxia/reoxygenation and attenuates hydrogen peroxide induced injury in C12 cells.
In the quantitative assay used on the UniCel analyzer, the absorption peak of a pyrogallol red-molybdate complex shifts when bound to protein (3, 4).
Table 1: PPD Makes Many Hair Shades Possible Compound Brown Red Blonde Blue-Grays p-aminophenol x x x o-aminophenol x x x 2-nitro-ppd x x 4-nitro-ppd x x x m-phenyldiamine x x x pyrocatechol x x resorcinol x x x p-tolylenediamine x x x pyrogallol x x x x