q7dEvery 7 Days (medication dose)
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The Q7d. development The move of balanced toward scorecard global standard 1.
TABLE 5 Questions Defining Performance in Governance (%age) Strongly Strongly Governance items disagree Disagree Neither Agree agree Q7j: Council as a whole has worked successfully to deal with issues important to my area of HRM 10 31 43 16 1 Q7I: The HRM Councillors have tried their best to control the level of municipal expenditures 12 28 37 21 2 Q7k: Considering the services I receive and the property taxes I pay, I am getting good value from HRM 20 36 30 12 2 Q7d: The Mayor is providing strong leadership for the whole HRM region 17 27 32 20 5 Q7b: Most Councillors think more about their
Fluids (lactated Ringer's solution, 60 mL/kg SC per day for 2 days, then increased to 100 mL/kg SC per day for 2 days), ceftiofur crystalline free acid (20 mg/kg IM q3; Excede, swine injectable 100 mg/ mL, Zoetis, Madison, NJ, USA), tramadol (5 mg/ kg PO ql2h), meloxicam (0.5 mg/kg PO ql2h), ivermectin (0.4 mg/kg IM q7d for 3 treatments, then PO q7d for 4 treatments; Ivomec, Merial Limited, Duluth, GA, USA), and a topical pyrethrin flea spray (applied once) were administered.
In the birds that remained inappetent at that dose or for birds with further episodes of anorexia, a long-lasting injectable form of doxycycline (50-75 mg/kg IM q7d) was given in alternate sites in combination with subcutaneous fluid administration.
The bird was treated with oral prednisolone, initially at a dosage of 0.8 mg/kg PO q12h, which was tapered over a 4-month period to a maintenance dosage of 0.2 mg/kg PO q7d. Because of the immunosuppressive effects of corticosteroids, prophylactic treatment with an antifungal (itraconazole, 10 mg/kg q24h; Sporanox, OrthoMcNeil-Janssen, Raritan, NJ, USA) and antibiotic (enrofloxacin, 10 mg/kg q24h; Baytril, Bayer Animal Health, Shawnee Mission, KS, USA) was also initiated when multiple doses of prednisolone were administered.
Doxycycline (40 mg/kg IM q7d; Vibramycin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim, Germany) and meloxicam (0.2 mg/kg IM q24h; Metacam, Pfizer, Exton, PA, USA) were administered.