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QUARTQuadrantectomy (surgery)
QUARTQuad Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
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(%) Karakteristike bolesti i Ukupan broj pacijenata tip hirurske intervencije (N = 59) broj (%) Stage of disease/Stadijum bolesti O 4 (6.78) I 9 (15.25) IIA 22 (37.29) IIB 7 (11.86) IIIA 17 (28.82) IIIB 0 IIIC 0 IV 0 Metastases in lymph nodes/Metastaze u limfnim cvorovima Yes/Da 32 (54.24) No/Ne 27 (45.76) Tumor size/Velicina tumora <2 cm 28 (47.46) 2-5 cm 26 (44.07) >5 cm 5 (8.47) Type of surgical technique/Vrsta hirurske intervencije MRM 19 (32.2) Quadrantectomy /Kvadrantektomija 38 (64.4) Tumorectomy /Tumorektomija 2 (3.4) * MRM--modified radical mastectomy/Modifikovana radikalna mastektomija Table 2.
Lumpectomy, which is removal of a palpable lump, was first popularised by Fisher,1 whereas quadrantectomy was described by Veronesi.9 Quadrantectomy which involves removing a wedge shaped tissue is the most radical of the options for BCT.
Mann-Whitney U test was performed to test scale-scores between different groups of participants (chemotherapy versus no chemotherapy and mastectomy versus quadrantectomy).
A segmentectomy up to quadrantectomy through a radial skin incision that approached the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) tangentially was performed.
[27] Three types of surgery practised are; conservative surgery (lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, tylectomy, partial mastectomy or segmental mastectomy etc.), moderate surgery (modified radical matsectomy, simple mastectomy with axillary clearance etc.) and radical surgery (Halsted mastectomy, Extended radical mastectomy and supraradical mastectomy etc.).
Comparing radical mastectomy with quadrantectomy, axillary dissection, and radiotherapy in patients with small cancers of the breast.
The metastasis was the initial sign of disseminated disease 20 years after the patient had undergone a quadrantectomy for her primary disease.
The specimen was an excisional biopsy in 43 patients, quadrantectomy material in 1 patientand a trucut biopsy in one.
It may enable targeted breast-conservation surgery to take place, avoiding blind quadrantectomy or mastectomy with or without axillary dissection surgery.
These codes are 85.33 85.48 and 19180 19255 for mastectomy (i.e., total/simple or modified radical mastectomy) and 85.20 85.23, 40.3, 19120, 19125, 19126, 19160, 19162, 38740, 38745, and 38525 for BCS (i.e., segmental mastectomy, lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, tylectomy, wedge resection, excisional biopsy, partial mastectomy) with lymph node dissection.