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In 'Barry Lyndon' there is imagined to the life a scoundrel of such rare quality that he never supposes for a moment but he is the finest sort of a gentleman; and so, in fact, he was, as most gentlemen went in his day.
From his art there flowed into me a literary quality which tinged my whole mental substance, and made it impossible for me to say, or wish to say, anything without giving it the literary color.
They are dressed by men till four years of age, and then are obliged to dress themselves, although their quality be ever so great; and the women attendant, who are aged proportionably to ours at fifty, perform only the most menial offices.
The nurseries for children of ordinary gentlemen, merchants, traders, and handicrafts, are managed proportionably after the same manner; only those designed for trades are put out apprentices at eleven years old, whereas those of persons of quality continue in their exercises till fifteen, which answers to twenty-one with us: but the confinement is gradually lessened for the last three years.
In the female nurseries, the young girls of quality are educated much like the males, only they are dressed by orderly servants of their own sex; but always in the presence of a professor or deputy, till they come to dress themselves, which is at five years old.
As to persons of quality, they give security to appropriate a certain sum for each child, suitable to their condition; and these funds are always managed with good husbandry and the most exact justice.
Many factors contribute to a project's success such as project planning, resource allocation, risk management and governance criteria, but effective quality management is critical for any project success.
Selection and management of staff for sensory quality control 3.
First up, speaking to the issue of "perceived higher quality," he said, "Toyota and Honda are benefiting greatly from an image of superior reliability and quality." Arguably, when it comes to a vehicle, reliability is quality--a car that doesn't start, no matter how good the fit and finish, no matter how satisfying the "thunk" when the door is closed, is not going to be perceived as a "quality" vehicle.
Students in higher education are demanding academic programs that are convenient and accessible, and institutions, not wanting to be left behind in the marketplace, find themselves embracing online technologies because it is "the new thing." And in their efforts to convert campus-based programs, may overlook quality in the course development phase.
If changing the culture of nursing facilities is the pathway to progress, what can providers, government, and quality advocates do to best ensure success?
When the factory reopened, it surpassed all of GM's American plants in quality and productivity.
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