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QITQuantum Information Technology
QITQueensland Institute of Technology (now Queensland University of Technology)
QITQuality in Time (Sweden)
QITQuality Improvement Team
QITQuantum Information Theory
QITQuality in Tourism (UK)
QITQua Iboe Terminal (Nigeria)
QITQuebec Iron & Titanium (Canada mining company)
QITQuality Information & Test System
QITQueens in Training (est. 1999)
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This unit did not experience a change in the RN turnover following the IRU opening due to responsiveness of the interdisciplinary IRU quality improvement team to nurses' ambivalence and concerns.
The HR department has the ability to help design the evaluation system so that quality improvement teams conduct performance appraisals of one another, interview and select team members, schedule the team's work, and set performance goals.
Documentation is impossible on a day of high afterload, as the Quality Improvement team is reviewing the charts, and the phones continue to ring off the hook (the clerk is covering another unit).
The institution's quality improvement team is made up of:
Further investigation through dialogue with physicians, ECLS technicians, OR staff and bedside nurses confirmed for the PICU quality improvement team that there were multiple causative factors that were leading to CLA-BSIs.
-- The only significant difference between nursing facilities that perform well on urinary incontinence management and those that do not is the presence of a quality improvement team, according to research presented at the annual symposium of the American Medical Director's Association.
At each plant, the quality improvement team, led by the facility's top manager, monitors the progress of all team efforts and reports on the results to the QLT.
Every company with TQM or quality improvement team (QIT) programs will secretly admit that, if these programs had delivered the financial benefits they all promised, the companies would make more profit than their revenues.
(22) Supervisors are entitled to group incentives if they work on a quality improvement team.(*)
A section describes each of the seven strands of RQA (research and evaluation; benchmarking and information; quality improvement team; best practice; development projects; leadership for achievement; and quality information and advice service) and identifies the following for each: issues being addressed, positive messages emerging, and remaining challenges faced by colleges.
Quality Improvement Team: representatives from each department or function should be brought together to form a quality improvement team.
Some replicate the quality improvement team from the existing management team.
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