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QUANGOQuasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
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The issue of quangos (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations) came up as Conwy's full council debated pressures on budgets, reluctantly agreeing a 5% council tax rise.
A quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation - or quango - is a public body not directly controlled by government.
But they are creating tens of new quangos with their top-down reorganisation of the NHS, whilst those bodies such as One North East, which really did help growth and help create jobs, have no effective replacement and that's why we are still in a double-dip recession.
A No vote on Thursday could well put us back on the slippery road to that Quango state.
IT'S quite easy to pile quangos up on a bonfire - who wants to die fighting for the Advisory Committee on Packaging?
People have been fed up with the old way of doing business, where the people they voted for could often avoid taking responsibility for difficult and tough decisions by creating or hiding behind one of these quangos.
There is also concern that some of these quangos operate on stupid-ideas and produce very little value, and indeed are not fit for purpose.
Each new quango will cost pounds 600million a year to run, the cost of more than half of that coming from state funding.
It would benefit the majority of staff but high-ranking staff from former quangos face having their base salaries effectively frozen with only "non-consolidated" annual increases that do not automatically continue the following year.
Then Education Minister Jack McConnell put in Executive personnel to bring control of the quango closer to Ministers.
From then on, the State Department and American and European QUANGOs helped the Serbs organize a campaign combining advanced Western strategies--tracking polls, snappy slogans--with the lessons of nonviolent resistance from countries like Czechoslovakia that had ousted totalitarian regimes.
Some Quangos were established to augment the work of local authorities, and were briefly known as Qualgos (Quasi-Autonomous Local Government Organisations).