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QFTQuantum Field Theory
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QFTQuantitative Feedback Theory
QFTQuoted For Truth (website; slang)
QFTQualcomm Flarion Technologies (telecommunications; San Diego, CA)
QFTQualified Funeral Trust
QFTQuantum Fourier Transform
QFTQuality Family Time
QFTQuality Face Time
QFTQuantitative Fluorescence Technique
QFTQuest For Tech, Inc.
QFTQuit Freaking Talking (polite form)
QFTQuite Freaking True (polite form)
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(b) In the case of incorporating the GUP into quantum field theory in a covariant way, we have shown in Section 3 that both scalar and fermionic deformed Hamilton-Jacobi equations can be reduced to
But quantum field theory didn't make general relativity wrong, so we shouldn't be so quick to choose a winner in our discipline.
Consequently, such facts as van Hove's observation on perturbation calculus carried out within Fock space framework and Haag's theorem for quantum field theory are not unexpected results!
"One's imagination can go further and wonder whether particles that are unknown to relativistic quantum field theory can arise in condensed matter," said Bernevig.
The formal character of quantum field theory has produced a useful computational tool but left enough vague and ill-defined that there is plenty to improve.
Emphasizing the wave aspects of the subject, Treiman concludes by delving into the intricacies of quantum field theory. Originally published in hardcover in 1999.
The contrast between the Standard Model, which is built on the foundation of quantum field theory, and general relativity, which has been tested with a high degree of accuracy but is still inadequate because of its classical nature, has caused many to term the theory of quantum gravity to be the Holy Grail of theoretical physics.
In their paper they point out that the mechanisms of SBS were first demonstrated theoretically in quantum field theory.
But it has tended to be regarded as one pathology among many in the foundations of quantum field theory. What has received little (no?) attention from philosophers, is the fact that the same situation is endemic among finite dimensional systems.
"Quantum Field Theory Cannot Provide Faster-Than-Light Communication," Found Phys Lett (1989) 2: 127.
These forces and the particles they act upon are described by quantum field theory and it is crucial for mathematical consistency that the Standard Model incorporates a large amount of symmetry.
Among the topics are the linearity of quantum mechanics and the birth of the Schrodinger equation, sewing Greenberger-Horne-Seilinger states with a quantum zipper, deriving free quantum field theory from information theory, Casimir forces in spherically symmetric dielectric media, and some consequences of mass and proper time as dynamical variables.
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