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1.4 billion soms in grants to be obtained from China will be spent on creation of plant quarantine research institute and plant quarantine training center.
He said it is standard practice for a national agricultural quarantine authority to subject agricultural commodities being conveyed from one part of the country to another for inspection and to quarantine items that show any clinical signs of disease infection or pest infestation.
The study of the quarantine object was conducted on the basis of the Dagestan branch of the laboratory FGBU "VNIIKR".
He said from April the quarantine expected 1 000 cattle but received 480 while in May it expected 2 400 but received 1 500.
"Rainbow Six Quarantine" is the newest game in the Tom Clancy franchise and is a stand-alone spin-off to "Rainbow Six Siege." It is set several years after the "Rainbow Six" series, in the future.
The first quarantine in the country which sits on a 9,000 parcel of land in Kibusu ranch, Tana River county is expected to be ready by December.
The DA chief said all quarantine officers stationed in all ports of entry nationwide should implement the directive immediately.
He also directed all quarantine officers assigned in all of the ports of entry to implement the ban immediately.
Pintildeol ordered the agency's Internal Administrative Service to conduct an investigation and determine if the quarantine officers could be charged with dereliction of duty.
The quarantine had been initially placed due to date palm plantation being infested by Red Palm Weevil (RPW), one of the most dangerous pests of date palm trees and a major cause of date palm destruction in the country.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Plgmea Chairman Hassan Ali Bhatti said the condition of quarantine introduced through SRO-1067, issued on Oct 20, 2017, has been damaging to the value-added leather industry while criticising the policy.
'In modern world the animal quarantine departments are linked with slaughter houses for animal health data sharing to know the reasons of animal rejection.