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QRAQuantitative Risk Assessment
QRAQuick Reaction Alert
QRAQuantitative Risk Analysis
QRAQuantified Risk Assessment
QRAStation Name
QRAQuaternary Research Association (UK)
QRAQuery, Reporting and Analysis (software)
QRAQuantum Reflex Analysis
QRAQuick Release Adapter
QRAQueensland Rifle Association
QRAQuinsigamond Rowing Association
QRAQuality & Reliability Assurance
QRAQuality-Ready Assessment (Seapine Software)
QRAQuad Racing Association (UK)
QRAQuick Reaction Assessment
QRAQuick Release Assembly
QRAQuick Reaction Antenna
QRAQuick Response Audit
QRAQuannapowitt Radio Association
QRAQuick Response Alarm
QRAQuota Report Assistant
QRAQueensland Recording Association
QRAQuality Relationships Alliance
QRAQasmieh-Ras El Ain (area in Lebanon)
QRAQuick Response Area
QRAQuartzite Rock Association
QRAQuantitative Reasoning and Analysis
QRAQueensland Ranger Association
QRAQueensland Renal Association
QRAQuick Reaction Aircraft
QRAQuick Response Award
QRAQuick Reference Allowance (USGA estimator of a golfers' ability)
QRAQuality Resorts of America
QRAQuince Road Area
QRAQuantitative Resistance Alleles
QRAQuinebaug Rivers Association
QRAQuarterly Review and Analysis
QRAQuality in Rulemaking Academy
QRAQualified Refuge Area
QRAQuick Raise Antenna
QRAQuality and Regulatory Associates, LLC
QRAQuasi-Regularity Approach
QRAQuincy Retiree Association
QRAQuick Readiness Assessment
QRAQuantitative Radioisotopic Angiocardiography
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174) China, seemingly overnight, built hospitals specifically for quarantined individuals and installed fever checkpoint stations at every public transport system in response to the crisis.
Non-residents who landed in the state would be taken home if feasible or otherwise quarantined in New Jersey.
All students with suspected infection had normal temperature with no influenza-like symptoms after September 9, and all quarantined persons were released by September 12.
Not only were the principles of isolation breached by the medical staff but there seemed to be little precaution taken against quarantined individuals making physical contact with friends and family who came to visit them from 'outside.
in an effort to mitigate such hardships, the Ontario government enacted a new law, the SARS Assistance and Recovery Act, to give job protection to employees who were observing quarantine or had to stay home from work to care for another individual, such as a child, who was quarantined.
The faculty's facility experimented on more than 50 improperly quarantined dogs and cats in fiscal 2000, which ended March 31 last year, they said, adding the facility started improving quarantine procedures in fiscal 2001.
Among those that have already been quarantined are collies Kelly and Gemma, who saved three lives in the devastating Turkish earthquake last year.
His comments gave weight to The Mirror's campaign to free quarantined earthquake rescue dogs Gemma and Kelly.
However, when the new Virginia law is implemented, many questions concerning the state's power, the substantive rights of the quarantined individual, the procedural fights due to the individual, and the desirability of a quarantine law will surely arise.
The product can store and manage spam messages for up to 180,000 users, as well as store quarantined messages for 30 days or more.