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The ship and her passengers, including several who had already landed in Sydney, were quarantined at the Station where the ship was detained for sixty-three days in what may have been partly a punitive measure.
Our criterion for a quarantined person was someone who had been placed under official quarantine for [greater than or equal to] 1 day before the onset of symptoms.
While we felt that documenting the possible distress that may result from quarantine was important, it was not intended to negate the need to impose quarantine should it be required, but rather to determine the support measures that may be needed by quarantined persons.
Adverse effects on quarantined persons and the ways in which those quarantined can best be supported have not been evaluated.
Kept in a quarantined ``hot zone'' behind red barrier tape, the evacuees paced, made cell-phone calls, laughed and joked with each other.
All persons who lived at addresses where cases had occurred were quarantined in the county general hospital, and a Spanish-speaking priest and social workers were placed in the area to reassure and calm the residents.
Forty-six of these mice were quarantined for 5 weeks (6), and one mouse underwent seroconversion as detected by strip immunoblot assay.
Highly aggressive and accurate spam filtering without the risk of false positives because suspect messages are quarantined -- not blocked.
CDC and state health authorities decide to issue a recommendation that patients with fever who cannot be definitively diagnosed be strictly quarantined and observed until the fever subsides.
It notifies end-users via Web-page that they have been quarantined.
How far can police go to detain quarantined patients?