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Bandwidth Enhancement Technique for Quarter-Wave Patch Antennas",IEEE Antennas and wireless propagation letters, 2: 130-132.
The proposed novel antenna consists of a parasitic strip and a quarter-wave resonator and a folded IFA.
Han, "Enhancement of photonic band gap in a disordered quarter-wave dielectric photonic crystal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
In our work, however, the sample is a double-layered dielectric sandwiched between two Teflon quarter-wave transformers, backed by a metal plate.
Feng, "Compact multi-band loop antennas using CPW-based CRLH quarter-wave type resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
Through the analysis of the 3D modal responses, the field data pulsations were found to correspond with the second mode of the choke tube length response near 240 Hz and the nozzle quarter-wave mode near 320 Hz.
1, and then applying the quarter-wave criterion so that the path lengths [P.
The DDS Compiler then makes decisions, such as whether to use a full-wave or a quarter-wave sine/cosine look-up table or to put the table in block or distributed memory.
The output voltage of the diode clamped three level inverter is a quarter-wave symmetric stepped voltage waveform.
2 and wherein at least one layer has an optical thickness which is different from all of the other layers, whereby the pigment is not a quarter-wave stack.
A simple method is to interpose a quarter-wave length line between the drain and the final load and to design the latter to have the lowest possible impedance at all harmonics above the fundamental.