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QTWQuick Time for Windows
QTWQuickTime for Windows (Microsoft)
QTWCondition of Survivors (radiotelegraphy)
QTWQuarter-Wave (Bragg reflection waveguide)
QTWQuad Tilt Wing (aviation)
QTWQuery Term Weight
QTWTaejon Airport (South Korea)
QTWQueensland Textbook Warehouse (Bracken Ridge, QLD, Australia)
QTWQuadriceps Twitch Force (muscle fatigue)
QTWQuantum Theory of War
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One laser diode, 2 aperture, 3 polarization beam splitter, 4 quarter-wave plate, 5 quadrant photo-detector (QPD), 6 dual-axis manual stage, 7 CCD camera, 8 tube lens, 9 LED illuminator, 10 beam splitter, 11 pellicle beam splitter, 12 objective lens, 13 three-axis manual stage, 14 single-axis piezoelectric scanner (Z-PS), 15 probe holder, 16 cantilever probe, 17 sample, 18 single-axis piezoelectric scanner (Y-PS), and 19 three-axis piezoelectric scanner (XYZ-PS).
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It should be noted that a necessary condition for achieving high transmission efficiency is that the quarter-wave plate must be symmetric, thus requiring the outer sheets to be identical [10].
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Caption: FIGURE 5: Schema of experimental setup for generated POVs: spatial filter and collimator; TLC-SLM: transmission liquid crystal spatial light modulator; P1: polarizer; QWP1: quarter-wave plate 1; P2: analyzer; QWP2: quarter-wave plate 2; P: pupil; L: Fourier lens with f = 380 [mm] and CCD camera.
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[4], a polarizing system with the properties of a quarter-wave plate, with an additional optical activity based on two birefringent plates of arbitrary thickness, is considered theoretically and implemented experimentally.
The ROM was resized by applying the quarter-wave symmetry technique in one quarter of the sine wave, and an angular decomposition technique based on trigonometric identity has been applied to compress the quarter ROM LUT.
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The PIFA reported in [6] used parasitic patches, slots and quarter-wave resonators to realize the tri-band operation within a volume of 40 x 20 x 8 [mm.sup.3].
[5], and featured one sample sandwiched between two quarter-wave transformers.