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Due to its small size, the mass of the MEMS resonator is much less than that of a quartz crystal, making it less susceptible to the effects of shock and vibration.
Fluid migration is still more influenced by mechanical defects on the crystal surface: our experiment using complete quartz crystal disrupted on the prism face by a diamond needle clearly showed, that such defects significantly enhance mineral solubility.
2003) Quartz crystal biosensor for real-time monitoring of molecular recognition between protein and small molecular medicinal agents.
In 1968, in a cleft called "Amede" on the Aiguilles de Chardon-net, Fournier found a spectacular specimen with a parallel row of pink fluorite octahedrons resting aesthetically on a smoky quartz crystal cluster (Benz, 2004).
The electronics industry is now enabled with a new technology that allows the integration of small, high Q, low ppm, single or multiple resonators, at a cost below quartz crystal products.
With cellular handsets and other digital devices becoming increasingly compact, and with ongoing needs for power savings, there has been growing demand for quartz crystal units that support greater needs.
This technology builds on the fundamental basics of the quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) [1] with several key additional features that are detailed in the Materials and Methods and Results and Discussion sections.
When a vapor sample passes through the sensor, cocaine molecules attach to the anti-BZE molecules, causing a disturbance in the sound waves on the quartz crystal.
parahaemolyticus antibodies on the gold electrode of a 5 Mhz piezoelectric quartz crystal using a protein A coupling technique or polyethyleneimine adhesion with chemical crosslinking.
In 1945 a 10-ton quartz crystal, the largest ever found at the deposit, was recovered from the soil in an open pit some 200 meters from the future site of shaft 2 (opened in 1975).
Circuit designers pressed for space should check out the CC7A-T1A, a MHz quartz crystal designed for applications in implantable medical, medical telemetry, and other high-reliability markets.