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QUASIQuad und ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Services International GmbH & Co. (German: Quad and ATV Services International; Germany)
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The Quasi Vivo System is available with three different culture chambers (QV500, QV600, and QV900) to support a wide range of applications, including submerged cell culture, co-culture and modeling of air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces.
these components of the system (space, elements, relationships) may contain indeterminacy, may be partially (or totally) unknown (or vague, incomplete, contradictory), may only partially belong to the system; they are approximate, quasi.
Any bank or quasi bank that misrepresents or does not comply with the amended regulations on dividend declaration shall be reverted back to the prior BSP verification requirement," the BSP added.
Ordered intuitionistic Fuzzy smooth quasi uniform basically disconnected spaces
Neittaanmaki: Variational and Quasi Variational Inequalities in Mechanics, Springer, Dordrecht: Holland, 2007.
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It is evident that, the concepts quasi sg-openness and sg-continuity coincide if the function is a bijection.
Normally, courts would look to the general rules of civil procedure to determine this question, but the question in this instance is dependent upon whether a foreclosure proceeding is characterized as in rem or quasi in rem.
Quasi trapping occurs when the energy of the neutron is shared between modes.
Using data collected by Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey, Kathryn McMullen and Grant Schenberg provide a comparative overview of job quality across the non-profit, for-profit quasi government organization, such as schools or hospitals.
The delivery of public goods and services by local government has been profoundly changed over the last twenty-five years by the substitution of quasi markets for the traditional institutions of progressive reform government.
This article looks at quasi reorganizations by summarizing current generally accepted accounting principles, evaluating the theoretical underpinnings and reporting on a survey of quasi reorganizations in practice.