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QYQuantum Yield
QYParcel Post Authorized Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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I cannot split hairs on that burning query," he said.
She had been a regular reader of the paper for several years; and had, indeed, consulted the great man once before, when he had replied favourably to her query as to whether it would be right for her to accept caramels from Arthur, then almost a stranger.
Prince Vasili without acknowledging the bow turned to Anna Mikhaylovna, answering her query by a movement of the head and lips indicating very little hope for the patient.
The green horde was scrambling over the Thuria's side as there broke from the bow the device of Carthoris, Prince of Helium, in reply to the query of the jeddak of Kaol.
As Metak entered and the men recognized him they arose, and in answer to a query he put, they pointed to an arched doorway at the rear of the room.
For a moment von Horn was silent, in well simulated hesitancy to reply to her query.
You take your time, Sir Knight, in answering my query.
They are not attached to the command," replied Gerard in response to Tarzan's query.
Jerry did not query these appearances and disappearances.
It was all right, he said, in reply to a query from the steward.
My natural reply would have been that I drank it, but there was something about the query that suggested a hidden significance, and something about the man that did not invite a shallow jest.
Query here: When a small sum of money is missing in a household, and the servants in general are called together to be informed of the circumstance, what do we think of the one servant in particular who speaks first, and who says, 'Do you suspect