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QYQuantum Yield
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0 provides a capability to design SQL queries visually, without typing code, in a new Query Builder tool.
To see which ones are duplicated, we will create a query that shows us which combinations occur more than once.
Query processing with reasonable efficiency on big data is often being a problem when the size of the data is considered.
The query cache can be very useful in an environment where you have tables that do not change very often and for which the server receives many identical queries (http://www.
In our previous work (Goh, Fu & Foo, 2005), we have described the algorithms for generating query networks and have presented a visual collaborative querying system, the Query Graph Visualizer (QGV), for exploring these networks.
In the context of software retrieval, for a given query we want to find the most relevant software component for reusing it with minimum effort to adapt it to a new application.
Once you install MSQuery, again click on Data, Import External Data, New Database Query to open the Choose Data Source dialog box (exhibit 2, page 54).
Query rates exhibited mostly similar graphs of scalability.
The analysis was conducted on various large sets of Web query data provided by various Web companies from 1997 to 2001.
At a price per query of $218/QphH@300GB, this is also the best price/performance of any 16-processor system tested under TPC-H at any scale factor, clustered or non-clustered.
Advanced queries also narrow the parameters of your query by using expressions such as "and" "or," and "not" (known as Boolean operators).
On-line interactive query/sort capability with sophisticated query build screen and custom reporting for viewing or downloading data.