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QUIPQuad Inline Package
QUIPQuality Improvement
QUIPQuad In-Line Package
QUIPQuakers Uniting In Publications
QUIPQuality Improvement Process
QUIPQuestion Interchange Protocol
QUIPQueue Interactive Processor
QUIPQuasi-Uniform Index Partitioning
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custom-built applications will be embedded directly into any Quip document to
com/2016/08/01/salesforce-buys-word-processing-app-quip-for-750m/) TechCrunch , the entire Quip team, about 40 people, will stay in place, as will Taylor and Gibbs.
Acting as his own headhunter, he recruited Mike Genova from a local pool distribution house to help transition Aqua Quip into the retail spa business.
Quip claims that by using the service mobile phone users can benefit from international rates up to 80% cheaper than those charged by the network providers.
In order for the changes to the document and the updates to be registered to each app in real-time, Quip syncs to the cloud constantly.
On the day when hundreds of reporters descend upon the Super Bowl players looking for color and quips, for perhaps the first time in his life in front of the media, Freddie Mitchell was out of position.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: fourniture d~un camion chssis 26t quip d~une grue et d~un bras de levage.
He made the quip while talking about how his campaigning Channel 4 show Jamie's Fowl Dinners had gone down around the world.
SIR - BBC say sorry for Aled quip (Western Mail, January 26).
And today, the company is creating a new path forward for customers with breakthrough innovations such as Quip to supercharge productivity; Salesforce Einstein to make every customer interaction smarter; and advancements in the Salesforce1 Mobile App, Salesforce Platform and IoT Cloud.
Veolia Eau, a water unit of French utility Veolia Environnement SA (NYSE: VE), has received a water treatment contract from QUIP SA (QUIP), the Brazilian company appointed by oil major Petrobras.