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QUIVERQuantitative Immunization and Vaccine Related Research (World Health Organization)
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Relaxing his bowstring, he returned the arrow to the quiver and, throwing the bow about his shoulder, stepped closer to the pinioned beast.
But again his jaws began to quiver and his eyes to fill with tears, and he could say no more.
I do tune my bow with my quiver attached (with one arrow missing), but I seldom see a difference in point of impact, especially at normal "whitetail" ranges of less than 40 yards.
There is usually cowskin fringe at the openings of the bowcase and quiver and often also at each hanging end of the shoulder strap.
Cartridge Quiver The other doodad from Hoptic that offers some quality convenience is the two-round quiver for $45.
Genetic analysis showed Otzi's hat and quiver came from two wild species, brown bear and roe deer.
This volume describes algebraic, topological, and algorithmic aspects of persistence theory and its connections to quiver theory and data analysis, focusing on one-dimensional persistence.
They encode information about the structure of the monoid algebra kB and allows us to describe a quiver presentation of kB.
George Culver's mark on the restaurant system led the organization to create an annual GM Quiver Award.
The Quiver now has the designation of being the most correct and complete Silver Arrow in the nation and has won numerous awards, including First in Class during the 2008 Coeur d'Alene International Wooden Boat Show.
The man behind Quiver (not sure about the name - sounds like a 60s Californian cowboy country outfit) is Casey Greene.
Many of us quiver from time to time, touched by passing currents of doubt.