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QQ (character from Star Trek the Next Generation)
QQueen (chess)
QQuality Factor
QQuick (flash; nautical navigation)
QQueensland (Australia)
QCharge (physics)
QParcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
QQuestionable (player's likelihood of participating)
QQwest Communications International Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
QCardiac Output
QQuebec (aviation letter code)
QGlutamine (amino acid)
QDrone (US military aircraft designation; as in Q-3)
QQuaker State (motor oil)
QQuetzalcoatl (the movie Q)
QUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (US Military aerospace vehicle)
QSquall (weather reports)
QQ code (see Radio Operators' Handbook)
QQuaque (Latin: each, every; used in medical prescriptions)
QUnknown Variable
QQu'ran (the Koran)
QQuadrillion BTU (same As Quads)
QMajor Boothroyd (James Bond's armourer)
QConstant Phase Element (impedance spectra)
QSet of Rational Numbers (math)
QStream flow or discharge (geologic term)
QUnit of Dynamic Pressure
QName of alien character (Star Trek NG and Star Trek Voyager TV program)
QPriority rating given to PWs (now 'Total care')
QQuality measurement of a tuned circuit in electronics
QSecond Heartbeat Wave
QUS DoT tire speed rating (99 mph)
QLong Chromosomal Arm (in humans; refers to autosomes 1-22)
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He played in several quiz leagues in West Yorkshire, winning them all on more than one occasion.
Organiser Michael McPartland is something of a TV quiz veteran having reached the final of Mastermind and been a winner on Eggheads.
Registrations for the quiz are open till 15th August, 2016.
The quiz brought in $25,000 in revenue for the paper and built a relationship with the grocery store partner, who saw an increase in traffic to its own site and as a result, signed up to run more quizzes in the future.
Spanish quiz at Roja Pinchos The Berry Street pinchos bar held the city's first entirely Spanish pub quiz on Thursday.
Many times, the most challenging quiz questions are presented in class, allowing decision strategies to be modeled by the professor and queries to be received from the students.
The second edition of the inter-school quiz competition for the Rolling Trophy attracted 31 teams from 12 schools across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah emirates.
The Bombay Quiz Club was founded in 2006 to promote quizzing in Mumbai, the Bombay Quiz Club is the only officially registered organisation that promotes quizzing as a sport for intellectual enrichment in the city.
The Quiz Bee Foundation, in cooperation with the office of the President, the Department of Education (DepEd), and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) will be spearheading the quiz bee.
Launched this summer, The Nation's Health news quiz features questions on what happened in public health during the previous week.
The quiz questions were designed to assess whether students had completed and understood the assigned reading: "The regression line is also known as?
The quiz, organised by the Oundle Macmillan Committee, is Macmillan's nationwide quiz, held at the same time accross the UK, and holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest simultaneous quiz.