rA1Recombinant A1 Domain
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Nutritional analysis was carried out in triplicate for the raw materials (refined maize flour (RMF) and grain amaranth flour (GAF)) and the different blends (RA1, RA2, RA3).
The moisture content of grain amaranth flour (GAF) was found to be lower than that of the refined maize flour (RMF), and all the maize-amaranth flour blends (RA1, RA2 and RA3).
There were significant differences (p[less than or equal to]0.05) observed among the blends with RA1 being the highest.
RA1 is a dark yellow heavy paraffinic oil with high aromatic content that gives it good softening power.
It also evaporates much less than RA1 at mixing temperatures, and its RTFO mass loss is only 0.21%.
Tongue in cheek i was told that since Don2 is a bigger success than Ra1 (I am not sure about this), it has proved to be a blessing in disguise that Hyundai cars did not feature in that flick.
By the time Ra1 was ready, SRK knew it would be a Hyundai for Don.
German museum munich: framework contract for the delivery of a mechatronic locking system for use in the redesigned permanent exhibitions of realization section ra1. there are different profile cylinder, lock lever cylinder u.
Contract award notice: Renovation of the collection building: Ra1.ges.612.13 exhibition construction (germany-munich: Museum construction work)
Contract award notice: Renovation of the collection: Ra1.341.02 stucco work (germany-munich: Plastering work)
the design and approval planning was done across the entire collection building (ra1 and ra2).
the scope of planning includes the restoration of the museum yard after completion of the construction project ra2, the production of the free facilities of the foundry yard and the adjoining eastern shore road, as well as adaptation work of the western access to the museum yard and the production of the free facilities after the dismantling of the interim entrance ra1.