rHBsAgRecombinant Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen
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It was concluded that sucrose, trehalose and BSA have considerable effects on the specific reactivity of anti rHBsAg mAbs during long storage.
In this study, the effects of different additives on the specific reactivity of mAbs against rHBsAg were investigated.
To evaluate the effects of additives on the reactivity of S3 mAb against conformational epitopes of rHBsAg, the liquid phase was selected.
To identify the best combinations of mAbs to be used as capture and detector pair in our designed ELISA assay, we checked mAbs which had high reactivity to rHBsAg as solid phase (unlabelled capture) and liquid phase (biotynilated detector) Abs pairwise (data not presented).
Different combinations of the mAb which had high reactivity with rHBsAg (Table 1) were applied to select the best capture and detector pairs.