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rOmpARickettsial Outer-Membrane Protein A
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sites) ticks rompA parkeri only North (4) 257 49 (19.1; 14.5-24.4) 48 (18.7; 14.1-24) ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Central (1) 38 4 (10.5; NA) 1 (2.6; NA) South (5) 403 75 (18.6; 14.9-22.8) 57 (14.1; 10.9-17.9) ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Total (10) 698 128 (18.3; NA) 106 (15.2; NA) Location No.
by the genus-specific 17-kDa antigen gene primers were also assessed for the SFG-common rickettsial outer membrane protein A gene (rompA) by using a heminested PCR with primers 190.70p and 190.701 followed by primers 190.70p and 190.602n.
All positive samples were also tested with a PCR specific for the outer membrane protein A (rOmpA) gene (10).
DNA extracts were evaluated by using nested or heminested PCR assays designed to amplify a segment of the rompA gene.
Phylogenetic analysis of spotted fever group rickettsiae by study of the outer surface protein rOmpA. Int J Syst Bacteriol.