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RabIgRabies Immune Globulin
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This new formulation is the latest version of the company's current rabies immune globulin, HyperRAB S/D, which will now be available to US patients in two sizes (1 ml/300 IU and 5 ml/1500 IU).
The down side: So far, 32 people are undergoing postexposure prophylaxis (~10 ml rabies immune globulin, half injected in/around the bite wound, the other half in the arm plus 5 shots of human rabies vaccine over a 28-day period), at a direct cost of $550 each ($18K total).
Appropriate treatment of dog bite wound includes (a) irrigation and cleansing of bite wound (b) antiseptic application to bite wound (c) administration of tetanus vaccine (d) administration of rabies immune globulin & rabies vaccine.
To assess the risk to the Air Force trainees and identify those for whom rabies postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) might be indicated, Lackland preventive medicine and public health teams interviewed 922 persons (866 trainees and 56 instructors) and determined that PEP, consisting of human rabies immune globulin and the 4-dose vaccination series given over 14 days (1,4), was indicated for 200 persons (22%).
Prior to shipment of suspect samples, immediate wound care of the exposed individual is performed by medical personnel, rabies immune globulin is infiltrated at the site of the bite, and a series of parenteral cell culture vaccines are begun.
There are available supplies such that any folks [who] are truly exposed will be vaccinated and receive rabies immune globulin.