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RVRecreational Vehicle
RVRiver Valley (Singapore)
RVReview (medical)
RVRuntime Verification
RVResearch Vessel
RVRoyal Vegas
RVRight Ventricular
RVRelief Valve
RVRevert (Wikimedia Foundation)
RVRendezvous (military)
RVRendezvous (logging abbreviation)
RVReceived Votes (sports ranking)
RVRight Ventricle
RVRigveda (Indian sacred collection)
RVRental Vehicle
RVRandom Variable
RVRetroverted (uterus)
RVResidual Volume (lung)
RVResponse Vehicle
RVRotavirus Vaccine
RVRecirculation Valve
RVRevised Version (of the Bible; published in 1881-1885)
RVRappaport-Vassiliadis (salmonella enrichment broth)
RVRemote View
RVRød Valgallianse
RVRéalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality)
RVRated Voltage
RVRateable Value (business premises terminology)
RVRabies Virus
RVRelease Valve
RVReference Voltage
RVReactor Vessel
RVReconnaissance Vehicle
RVRelatieve Vochtigheid (Dutch: Relative Humidity)
RVRescue Vessel
RVRalston Valley (Colorado)
RVRadar View
RVResident Visitor
RVRyom Verzeichnis (Works of Vivaldi list by Peter Ryom)
RVRifle Volunteers (British Army)
RVRhino Virus
RVReceipt Voucher
RVReceive Variable
RVRunway Visibility
RVRadar Vector
RVRetrieval Vessel (US NASA)
RVRuins Vacation
RVRegulatory Verification (various locations)
RVRuneVillage (RuneScape gaming discussion forum)
RVRoutine Verification
RVRoss Volunteers (Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets)
RVRing Voice
RVRecombination Velocity
RVRadius of Vulnerability
RVReentry/Remote Vehicle
RVUS Revenue Motor Vehicle Use (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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Immunohistochemistry: In accordance with these results, discrete intracytoplasmic inclusions in Purkinje cells of cerebellum were also suggestive of extensive rabies virus infection (Fig.
Although the N gene is considered a conserved site, studies have shown a significant genetic variability in street rabies virus strains, from 5 up to 49%.
Then, fluorescent green rabies virus was added and plates were photographed daily for several days.
Caption: A nerve cell protein (inset, red) resides throughout the splayed tip of a mouse nerve and ferries the rabies virus (inset, green dots) up cells' long extensions.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of the Anigen Rapid Immunodiagnostic Test Kit for detection of rabies virus in clinical samples for application as a surveillance test among animal populations in areas with deployed military units.
While several of those surveyed survived rabies virus exposure without receiving a rabies vaccine, it is not clear whether they experienced rabies symptoms.
Lane County residents and veterinarians are being warned that other animals could be exposed to the rabies virus and to be alert to signs of the disease.
Diagnosis was further confirmed with immuno-flourescence technique and amplification of nucleoprotein gene of rabies virus by RT-PCR.
9 -- The government has been unable to check the incidence of the deadly rabies virus in Punjab as there is only one anti-rabies clinic with complete dosage for treatment in the entire province, Daily Times has learnt.
Keywords: Lyssavirus, Rabies virus, Rabies, Vaccination, Zoonoses
The bat variant rabies virus that first showed up in infected skunks in 2001 has evolved rapidly to allow maintenance of the infection within the skunk fox populations.