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RADOMERadar Dome
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Neil Crayford, who runs the garage nearest to the radar dome, in Mundesley, said: "We have had 30 cars in with problems over the past couple of months.
The only aircraft damage was a scraped radar dome. What follows is an excerpt from my endorsement to the hazrep--what the legendary radio figure Paul Harvey calls, "the rest of the story." I hope my comments put this story in context.
"On top of it sits a Doppler weather radar dome for a Philadelphia television station," Bown said.
The E-3 is a military version of the Boeing 707/320 commercial airframe with a rotating radar dome. The first flight of the E-3A took place in October 1975.
E-3 Sentry (AWACS): A modified Boeing aircraft with a rotating radar dome 30 feet (nine meters) in diameter.
Martel said each site contained a barracks for up to 50 people, a radar dome with electrical rooms, maintenance shops, garages, fuel dumps, sewage lagoons, an airstrip and years of discarded materials dumped into landfill sites.
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