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RIARegulatory Impact Assessment
RIARock Island Arsenal (US Army)
RIARegulatory Impact Analysis
RIARevue d'Intelligence Artificielle (French: Journal of Artificial Intelligence)
RIARussian Information Agency
RIAResearch Institute on Addictions
RIAResearch Institute of America (tax research firm)
RIARare Isotope Accelerator
RIARobotics Industries Association
RIARailway Industry Association (UK)
RIAReactivity-Initiated Accident
RIARadiosonde Initial Analysis
RIAResearch Initiation Award
RIARevue de l'Industrie Agroalimentaire (French: Journal of the Food Industry)
RIARadioiodine Ablation
RIAReactivity Insertion Accident
RIARégiment d'Infanterie Alpine (French: Alpine Infantry Regiment)
RIARich International Airways (Miami, Florida)
RIARegional Internet Australia
RIARapid Impact Assessment
RIARunway Independent Aircraft
RIARemote Internet Access
RIARegistered Industrial Accountant (Canada)
RIARelativistic Impulse Approximation
RIARandom Insanity Alliance (gaming clan; Cyber Nations)
RIARevolution in Intelligence Affairs
RIARegional Inuit Association (Canada)
RIARobinets d'Incendie Armé (French fire extinguisher)
RIARight Iliac Artery
RIARosettanet Integration Architecture
RIAResource Impact Assessment
RIARange Insensitive Axis
RIARecommended Improvement Area
RIARack Interface Agreement
RIARegional Incentive Agreement (Government pricing agreement term)
RIARéseau Incendie Armée
RIARéunions Internationales d'Architectes (French: International Meetings of Architects)
RIAReserve Intelligence Unit
RIARoofing Installation Application
RIAReprogramming Interface Assembly
RIARegistered Investment Advisor
RIARoyal Irish Academy
RIARottnest Island Authority (Australia)
RIAResearch in Action
RIARisk Impact Assessment
RIARights in Action (various organizations)
RIARich Internet Application
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Over the next five years, the growth in the Asian Radioimmunoassay Market is expected to be centred in China, India, and Japan.
Radioimmunoassay has applications in the field of clinical diagnostics, and is used in hospitals, contract research organizations (CRO), laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and others.
A specific, non-chromatographic radioimmunoassay for human plasma Cortisol.
Laboratory training manual on radioimmunoassay in animal reproduction.
At the end of the incubation period, the buffer was removed and studied for insulin content using radioimmunoassay with a Coat-a-Count kit (DPC).
Using a technique called radioimmunoassay of hair (RIAH), the company can confirm if illegal drugs--marijuana, cocaine, opiates (heroin), methamphetamine, or PCP--have been used during the past three months.
For each specimen, a 3/4-punch (equivalent to a 12-uL blood specimen) was obtained from one blood spot and was tested for benzoylecognine (BE)--a primary cocaine metabolite--using a modified radioimmunoassay (RIA) (2).
By breaking down hair proteins and using radioimmunoassay, Baumgartner claimed he could detect marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine or PCP in amounts as small as one-billionth of a gram.
Downs used crossover immunoelectrophoresis, Lowenstein radioimmunoassay, and the third group a dipstick clinicians use to detect hemoglobin in urine.
Urinalysis and new techniques such as radioimmunoassay of hair samples are discussed, but given that all these techniques are |new' in the British context, BGC readers might be particularly interested in the discussion of |Ethical Concerns and Legal Issues' (pp.
Determination of blood plasma hormone concentrations using radioimmunoassay.