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RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial in User Service
RADIUSResearch and Development in the United States
RADIUSRoutine Antenatal Diagnostic Imaging with Ultrasound Study (obstetrics and gynecology)
RADIUSRemote Access Dial-In User Server
RADIUSResearch And Development for Image Understanding Systems
RADIUSRheumatoid Arthritis DMARD (Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Drug) Intervention and Utilization Study
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Server/Service (networking protocol)
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial in User System (computer networks)
RADIUSResearch Archive on Disability in the United States (database)
RADIUSRemote Aims Data Input User System (New Jersey)
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Consequently, at the moment of firing the visual radius applied to the moon will describe, with the vertical line of the place, an angle of sixty-four degrees.
The shaft was a mighty magnet, and when once a vessel came within the radius of its powerful attraction for the aluminum steel that enters so largely into the construction of all Barsoomian craft, no power on earth could prevent such an end as we had just witnessed.
In some parts, slight curls of smoke emitted a sulphurous smell, proving that the internal fires had lost nothing of their expansive powers, though, having climbed a high acclivity, I could see no volcano for a radius of several miles.
Then silence brooded over all--silence so complete that it seemed in itself a sentient thing--silence which seemed like incarnate darkness, and conveyed the same idea to all who came within its radius. To the young people who had suffered the long horror of that awful night, it brought relief--relief from the presence or the fear of all that was horrible--relief which seemed perfected when the red rays of sunrise shot up over the far eastern sea, bringing a promise of a new order of things with the coming day.
Within a radius of five miles there are, as you see, only a very few scattered dwellings.
Then there was created around that strange personage, a circle of terror and respect, whose radius was at least fifteen geometrical feet.
This puts Radius in an ideal location in preparation for the HS2 station hub planned from 2026 onwards when journey times to London will be under an hour.
Using a database of detected exoplanets, we found that every theoretical planetary structure has a 'threshold radius', a planetary radius above which no planets of this composition exist," explains Michael Lozovsky.
"The Global Technology Program provides dcs plus, Radius Travel, and its partner agencies with the ability to grow via economies of scale," said Nicole Wilcock, senior director, Global Implementation, Client Technology & Product at Radius Travel.
Illumination Research said it will expand its business into new markets and sectors by joining with the Radius network.