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In the devices of near radius of action instead of short impulses continuous peak modulation of radiation by an alternating voltage with frequency in units of megahertz can be used.
Again, we arrive at this conclusion by examining the limited radius of action for the discoveries, by examining the weight and size of the devices, and by considering the observation of donkey carts near some discoveries.
Announcement of competition: The purpose of the contract is to enter into an agreement with a supplier for the purchase of vehicles that have a sufficient radius of action corresponding Oslo.
Electric-powered Smart models have a radius of action 12 times the diameter of the poker heads rather than the standard 10, equipping them to work faster to remove air in fresh concrete.
In-flight refuelling is a force-multiplier, giving combat aircraft increased radius of action, time on station and ferry range.
In offshore configuration a 7 tonne AW139 incorporating the baseline aircraft and kit improvements has a radius of action of 230 nm (426 km) with eight passengers