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RAGIRuby Asterisk Gateway Interface
RAGIRestrictions on Access to Government Information
RAGIRealty Advisory Group Inc. (various locations)
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PepsiCo's Quaker Oats is now available in a new multigrain variant, Quaker Oats Plus, that contains ragi and barley, besides oats.
Ragi of Teaneck's Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center on of the most state-of-the-art treatments.
Another politician from Karnataka is SM Krishna of Congress, who also likes ragi mudde and soppina saaru like Deve Gowda.
In Andhra Pradesh Ragi Sankati or Ragi muddha, which are ragi balls are eaten in the morning with a chilli, onions, sambar (lentil based stew)or meat curry and helps them sustain throughout the whole day and it keeps the body cool which is very useful as this area is located in tropical region.
Eat: Ragi mudde and ragi roti with chicken sambhar.
I'm fine with her eating dark chocolate and cupcakes though I wouldn't hand over an oversized cookie for a snack (the Britannia ragi biscuits I lugged from India are still going strong).
0 for the previous week due to lower prices of fruits and vegetables (4%), jowar (3%), tea and arhar (2% each) and ragi, urad and condiments and spices (1% each).
Ragi Gladys Hughes, owner of the care home where Mr Hughes had lived for seven years, described him as a "free spirited soul" and a "very active man" who loved work and visiting friends.
AT THIS time of the year motorists are usually bombarded with advice about how to avoid accidents in freezing and foggy conditions, but we often ignore a another nightmare nature throws at us which can have t ragi c consequences Being dazzled in the face of oncoming traffic or just running off the road if you can't see can be disastrous.
The Sunday lunch menu, featuring desi ingredients like ragi, fennel, jaggery and Ramdana in continental food apparently was liked so much by Clinton that she asked for some to be packed for her separately.
It is not written in the Egyptian Constitution that you have a right to bear arms like in America," says Ibrahim Ragi, the general manager of a weapons store in Zamalek.